Chicken Soup (Week 2)


Doo-doo-do-do-DOOOO, Doo-doo-do-do-DOOO

No joke, I hear the BWB theme song in my head sometimes when I’m cooking. I tried watching Frasier while I was making this soup, but what can I say, I just don’t have the nostalgia-feels from Frasier/Seinfeld/Cheers. I have the nostalgia-feels from the office, so I watched that instead.



Anyway, enough of that.

Week 2

Basics with Babish Chicken (minus the) Noodle Soup


Ease of Instructions: Probably a 7/10. Babish is SUPER easy to follow, but the recipe was definitely more complicated than my MIL’s stock.

Timing: I already had carcasses in the freezer, and chopping up the veggies/checking the herbs took maybe twenty minutes. It simmers for 4-12 hours, but no work for that. The actual soup required me to debone some chicken thighs (probably the most annoying part of the whole recipe), but you can buy them like that.

Expense: cheap-cheap-cheap-cheap. Aside from the herbs which I’ve actually been able to use in a lot of my other cooking, about the same as my regular chicken soup, which is to say CHEAP.

Flavor: Now, I really liked the flavor of this soup (as did my guests) but it definitely had more vegetably-stuff going on, and not as much chickeny-stuff. If you prefer milder flavor, last week’s soup is your holy grail. Once again, fresh herbs pack a PUNCH. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this experiment so far, it’s ALWAYS USE FRESH HERBS. That, and skim the fat! I thought fat was flavor, but apparently in chicken soup, fat is just grease.

Husband-O-Meter: Mmmm, 9/10. Pretty yum, but not like Mom’s. (Doubt anything will beat my MIL’s soup in this category!)



You guys, wouldn’t it be hilarious if my favorite recipe for this classic Jewish mom soup ended up being masterminded by a non-Jewish guy? At least, I think he’s not Jewish . . . that’s a pretty spectacular beard. He does eat a lot of bacon . . .